Catering for the needs of the EMA staff:
Quality of Life in Athens

Athens has much to offer to the EMA staff and their families.
In the country where since the Antiquity hospitality was considered a moral duty, everyone,
children and adults alike, can feel welcome and enjoy a safe and exciting environment.

Multilingual Educational Facilities –
Education for expats

Athens has a great number of international schools covering all levels of education, from pre-school to secondary education, which follow international standards, thus providing an easy transition for EMA’s staff children and families.


Athens also offers plenty of bilingual schools, as well as 14 schools offering an IB programme in English. Learning foreign languages is considered vital in Greece, therefore specialized private institutes for teaching solely foreign languages are also available. 7,350 is the estimated number of specialized foreign languages institutes operating in Greece.

For the assistance of EMA staff, a Liaison Office will be established, which will provide dedicated services, including consultation with regards to schools and studying options in Athens. The scheduling of parents’ visits to schools and detailed assistance in all matters pertaining enquiries, respective deadlines and applications, as well as documentation and special arrangements potentially required will be within the purview of services offered by the designated liaison officer for educational matters.


For a more detailed account of international schools in Athens the following information is indicative:


International schools in Athens abide to a very high standard in both infrastructure and teaching with qualified education professionals recruited according to the educational programme followed by the corresponding school. They follow a long tradition of education offered to the offspring of foreign officers, diplomats and foreign personnel residing in Athens, ensuring the high quality of education as well as the smooth transition of students from different educational backgrounds. A further proof of the high standard of the educational system in Greece is the high percentage of Greek students’ acceptance in all the internationally prestigious Colleges and Universities.


Application deadlines may vary, yet for the pre-school and elementary classes an early application is strongly advised. Specific information regarding all matters and enquiries will be provided by the designated liaison officer and the EMA staff will find hands on assistance offered in all stages of the relocation and introduction of young students to their new educational environment.


An indicative list of international schools and specified info is provided below:


The School currently has approximately 1,100 students with capacity extending according to school level. On line applications for students beginning the following academic year especially for the pre-elementary school level are advised at the beginning of January. It should be noted that knowledge of the German language is mandatory for school acceptance.

For further information please contact Μrs. Petra Lehmann. Tel: +30 21 0619 9261

2. Lycée Franco Hellénique Eugène Delacroix (FRANCOHELLENIC OR EUGÈNE DELACROIX SCHOOL)

The School currently has 1,759 students with capacity extending even more within the next year as a project of expansion is already in process. On line applications for students beginning the following academic year are usually accepted around February with early applications especially advised for students in elementary school. Foreign officers’ children have priority status in applications accepted.

For further information please contact Μrs. Nicole Garcia tel: +30 2113009114


The School currently has 209 students with capacity extending possibly. On line applications for students beginning the following academic year are usually accepted during June with early applications opening between April and May and especially advised for primary school levels.

For further information please contact Mrs. Georgi. Tel: +30 210 2287872


The School currently has close to a thousand students with capacity extending even more according to demand. On line applications for students beginning the following academic year are usually advised for the levels up to the 5th grade until January.

For further information please contact Mrs. Frances Tottas, Assistant Director of Enrollment Management. Email: Tel: +30 21 0639 3200


The School currently has 1,172 students with capacity extending according to demand. On line applications for students beginning the following academic year are accepted throughout the year, nevertheless it is advisable to apply before Easter with early applications especially advised for students to commence in elementary school.

For further information please contact Mrs. Yasmin Mazhari.
Email: Tel: 210-2829750 ext. 105

20 Athens based international schools

List certified by the Hellenic Ministry of Education, Research
and Religious Affairs


  • American Community Schools (English – All Grades)
  • Byron College (English – All Grades)
  • St. Catherine’s British School (English – All Grades)
  • St. Lawrence College (English – All Grades)
  • ISA international School (English – All Grades)
  • Campion School (English – All Grades)
  • German School of Athens (German – All Grades)
  • Lycée Français Eugène Delacroix (French – All Grades)
  • Italian School of Athens (Italian – All Grades)
  • Athens Polish School “Zygmunt Mineykο” (Polish – All Grades)
  • Iranian School of Athens (Iranian – All grades)
  • Libyan School of Athens (Arabic – All Grades)
  • Philippine School in Greece (Philippine – All Grades)
  • American College of Athens (English – All grades)
  • Lycée Léonin Greek-French School Patision (French – All grades)
  • Saint Joseph Greek-French School (French – All Grades)
  • Ursulines Greek – French School (French – All Grades)
  • Lycée Léonin Greek-French School N. Smyrni (French – All Grades)
  • Jeanne d’Arc Greek-French School (French – All Grades)
  • Saint Paul, Piraeus, Greek-French High School (French – High School)

Labour Market Opportunities

Plenty of job opportunities for expats are available in Athens. Given that tourism is one of the most dynamic sectors in Greece, a high percentage of Europeans living in Athens, are employed in the tourist industry.
Further to that Athens accommodates numerous global and multinational companies that offer job opportunities to international professionals.

Sectors of multinational companies in Greece indicatively include:

  • Information Communication Technologies
  • Food and Beverages
  • Retail
  • Consulting Services
  • Banking Sector & Financial Services
  • Pharmaceutical Products & Services

There are also many international Recruitment Agencies that
assist Greek and international companies in attracting international professionals and executives.

International Recruitment Agencies in Greece include:

  • Stanton Chase
  • Egon Zehnder
  • Korn Ferry
  • Man Power
  • Randstad

Unhindered Access to the Best Medical Care

According to a study published in the scientific journal ‘The Lancet’ in May 2017,
assessing national levels of personal healthcare access and quality, the Greek
healthcare system was ranked


There are currently


in Athens’ metropolitan area, both public and private, including
university hospitals, private clinics and health care centers with
a total capacity of more than


Affordable high-quality housing

EMA staff and their families will have the opportunity to chose between a wide range of excellent accommodation options at affordable prices in comparison to London and most EU major cities. A great number of fully furnished apartments or maisonettes with all kinds of comforts as well as single houses with gardens are available throughout Athens, satisfying all possible needs and the most demanding of preferences.

An average monthly rental price for a fully furnished family apartment around 120m2 in or around the historical and traditional city center and all its important sites amounts to 11€ per m2, while the same price applies for a fully furnished luxury apartment of similar size in Athens’ northern and eastern suburbs.

The average rental price for a fully furnished luxury villa in the suburbs is almost the same or even lower.

All major foreign and local real estate agencies, in Athens and suburbs, provide full services in English for expats.

Specifically for EMA staff and in order to facilitate the unhindered relocation to Athens a liaison officer designated to assist with all matters in relation to accommodation will be assigned. Visits to properties will be organized accordingly and details pertaining to prices and area specifications, such as access to public transport, schools, public services, accommodation support services will be provided. An indicative preview of average rent prices for 2016 by Eurostat/ISRP (International Service for Remunerations and Pensions) is listed below:

3 bedroom flat 2 bedroom flat 1 bedroom flat Non detached house Detached house
140-160 m2
=1300 EUR
(8,7 EUR/m2)
80-100 m2
=790 EUR
(8,8 EUR/m2)
60-80 m2
=620 EUR
(8,9 EUR/m2)
140-160 m2
=1250 EUR
(8,3 EUR/m2)
190-220 m2
=1850 EUR
(9 EUR/m2)

For indicative prices in the Athens area:


Living Costs

Notwithstanding the benefits and opportunities enjoyed from the high living standards that Athens has to offer, the low cost of living should be taken into account when discussing the advantages of relocating to the Greek capital. Indeed, according to the data provided by NUMBEO the advisory cost comparison database used by EURES to compare the cost of living between EU capitals, it is estimated that approximately half of the annual expense spent in London would be required to enjoy the same high living standard in Athens.

Most specifically:

  • Consumer Prices in London are 40.85% higher than Athens
  • Consumer Prices including rent in London are 109.37% higher than Athens
  • Rent Prices in London are 455.70% higher than in Athens
  • Restaurant Prices in London are 54.30% higher than Athens
  • Groceries Prices in London are 30.23% higher than in Athens
  • Local Purchasing Power in London is 69.22% higher than in Athens

EMA Personnel

To facilitate the unhindered process of EMA workings and ensure business continuity, the additional hiring of 5 scientific professionals with permanent contracts of employment and 60 staff members with one year employment contracts, is included in the immediate term recruitment planning.